Shark Dive in the Dubai Aquarium (certified)

Water Paradise
From AED 790 /Per Person

Dive into the depths of excitement at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo! Are you ready for a thrilling adventure? Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of sharks with our exclusive Shark Dive experience. From the awe-inspiring encounter with these majestic creatures to the underwater exploration, this is an adventure like no other.

From AED 790 /Per Person


  • All equipment and diving will be provided

  • Take the plunge and encounter 750 pounds of lean muscle, 300 razor-sharp teeth – a breathtaking face-to-face with the world's ultimate predator

  • Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring depths of a 10-million litre tank, experiencing the thrill of a lifetime

  • Explore the spectacular Dubai Aquarium, home to over 33,000 marine animals, including 300 sharks and rays, making it one of the largest suspended aquariums globally

  • Embark on a secure and breathtaking adventure as you dive into the 11-meter deep tank, witnessing the wonders of marine life in the heart of Dubai at the iconic Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo



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