KidZania Dubai

From AED 110 /Per Person

Imagine a city made for children and run by them ; a city where the kids fly the airplanes, they perform the surgeries and they put out the fires/ a city where children are free to live out their dreams, playing adult roles in a world created just for them/ in meticulous detail

From AED 110 /Per Person


  • KidZania Dubai offers children the chance to role-play real-life professions in a miniature cityscape, fostering creativity and learning

  • With a focus on safety and security, parents can relax as their children explore and engage in hands-on activities under the supervision of trained staff

  • From doctors to chefs, children can immerse themselves in a variety of professions, learning valuable life skills through interactive experiences

  • Whether it's a birthday celebration or a family outing, KidZania Dubai provides memorable adventures that combine education and entertainment for children of all ages



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