Emirates Park Zoo with Dining Experiences

From AED 120 /Per Person

Dine with the wild at Emirates Park Zoo—an unforgettable fusion of gourmet delights and exotic wonders. Join us for a feast where every bite is accompanied by the symphony of nature. It's not just a meal; it's a safari for your senses.

From AED 120 /Per Person


  • Indulge in a unique culinary experience surrounded by the captivating world of wildlife

  • Immerse yourself in the exotic atmosphere as you dine amidst the sights and sounds of the Emirates Park Zoo

  • Enjoy a menu crafted to perfection, offering a tantalizing fusion of flavors that complement the adventurous setting

  • Enhance your dining adventure with the chance to witness and interact with some of the zoo's fascinating residents.

  • Create lasting memories as you share a meal with family and friends in this extraordinary and unforgettable setting

  • Options: Breakfast with parrots, lunch with big cats, Dinner with elephants, Breakfast with Giraffe



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