BMW M4 Experience

Driving Days
From AED 450 /Per Person

Prepare for a ride like no other as the all-new BMW M4 takes center stage. Sculpted for adrenaline, this powerhouse is not just fast—it's a precision-engineered masterpiece, every curve and contour designed for exhilaration. Buckle up and feel the G-forces as the M4 roars to life, delivering a punch that ignites the senses.

From AED 450 /Per Person


  • Arrival and safety classroom briefing

  • Photo opportunities and simulator activities available throughout the session

  • Introduction to your instructor, experience recap and certificate hand-over

  • Experience this 2-door rear-wheel drive beast tears up the asphalt taking no prisoners

  • Get ready for some adrenaline rush!

  • Options: Driving and Passenger Experience available



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