AYA Universe: An Immersive Experience Park

Arts & Crafts
From AED 133 /Per Person

AYA is an out-of-this-world immersive and experiential entertainment park. A Trip to a Beautiful Universe is expected to be a massive planetarium, which will offer visitors an immersive, 360-degree view of the stars and constellations.

From AED 133 /Per Person


  • Immersive Entertainment Park takes 40,000 sq ft of space and consists of twelve out of this world experiences that invite you to wander luminous gardens, command galaxies, and dance with light

  • Travelers will play, drift, and dream as they command observatories full of stars, roam gardens blooming light, and traverse rivers that bridge the infinite

  • Everywhere in Aya visitors receive unusual experiences that would hardly likely be tried anywhere else

  • It is a sanctuary, hidden beyond the far side of the stars, built to commune with the natural beauty of a mysterious cosmos. Now a gateway has opened, transporting us there to wander and wonder through the vibrant worlds enfolded within its chambers

  • While the true nature of these chambers may never be known, spectacles will blossom, mysteries unfold, and dazzling powers unlock for visitors that stop to smell the rose



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