Museum of The Future Dubai Experience

From AED 115 /Per Person

Experience the one-of-a-kind exhibition space for innovative and futuristic ideologies, services, and products. Welcome to the museum of the future and Experience the most beautiful building on earth! The Museum of the Future combines elements of the exhibition, immersive theatre, and themed attraction, inviting you to look beyond the present to the possible.

From AED 115 /Per Person


  • By purchasing an entrance ticket, you will have access to all the facilities and experiences of the museum.

  • This museum engages all your senses by offering a wide environment.

  • Enjoy a mix of dynamic experiences

  • All people of any age can see and touch the future by visiting this museum.

  • The museum of the future has several floors, each of which offers special experiences. This museum consists of 3 main parts of Green Hill, the building and the empty space inside.

  • Book your ticket for the museum of the future today and trust your senses to lead you.

  • Get an immersive experience into the future of endless possibilities



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