Al Noor Island with Butterfly House Experience- Sharjah

City sightseeing & Museums
From AED 50 /Per Person

Experience a lagoon paradise boasting a butterfly house, contemporary art, a captivating book pavilion, a cozy cafe, and an enchanting playground. Discover the beauty of simplicity as you unwind with friends and family in this extraordinary haven. Prepare to be surprised, feel amazed, have fun, and express awe – for every moment on Al Noor Island is a unique blend of magic and tranquility

From AED 50 /Per Person


  • Explore another haven place that will open your mind to a myriad of expressions and experiences

  • A microcosm of modern vision and Arabic inspirations

  • The Island experience will offer the best mix of recreation/ art/ education and entertainment

  • Soak in the serenity while counting butterflies and exploring the island and its surroundings

  • Take in the sights such as the Gleaming Meadows or spot some of our feathered friends along the beach line



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