Stand up Paddling In La Mer


Unlike the usual surfing activity it allows the paddlers to stand on their boards and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water.
  • 1 board per person
  • Enjoy a captivating water activity that originated from Hawaii and made its way to Dubai
  • There's a wide range of quality stand up paddle boards (SUP) for beginners and regular consumers
  • This activity does not require waves to be practiced on but stagnant waters like a lake or sea
Need To Know :

Prior booking is required for this activity. Upon confirmation of booking as you go to the location you must have your own swimming attire and towels.

Dress Code :


Age/Vital Information :

Kids allowed with minimum age of 8 years old and only with consent of parent or guardian. No sharing allowed. Distance should be kept away from the rocks and to the swimming zone when doing the activity.

This is a note worthy activity that you and everyone in your family, friend and love-ones can enjoy. All you need is to find your balance on the board and you are good to go.

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