Kayaking Experience in Jebel Ali Resort


Crossing water body in a small boat will surely infuse thrill and excitement in your body and soul. Get into your Kayaks and paddle yourself deeply!
  • A full safety briefing from a professional instructor.
  • Equipment for your safety and comfort is provided.
  • The Course is conducted in the English language.
  • 60 Minutes Single Kayaking (1 person only)
Need To Know :

If you have a fear of the water or are not able to swim 25m you must inform your instructor. Please advise also if you are taking any form of medication. Alcohol cannot be consumed in the period prior to your driver experience. Any accidents that occur due to the influence of alcohol will be reported to authorities and payment will be required for any damages incurred. If weather conditions are unsuitable due to dust storms, high winds or rain, your booking will be rescheduled to another date.

Dress Code :

Swimming attire.

Age/Vital Information :

Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent / guardian.

Kayaking is an extreme exercise for your upper body muscles. You will want to stretch out your arms very well and if you already have some muscle tone to your arms and back???you will have a great advantage because you will not get tired as quickly as someone who is not as strong. You will want to make sure that you sit in the kayak correctly from the beginning, you will need to know the proper way to sit so that your boat does not become unstable and you do not risk tipping over.

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