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If you?re out with friends and family at the beach, consider renting a jet ski for great fun and adrenaline. The high-speed Jet ski can be a fun way to spend a sunny day and a great way to stay healthy and fit when done on a regular basis.
  • Safety Briefing
  • Riding a jet ski through tough waves can be a great calorie burner.
  • 30 minutes of thrilling Jet sking
Need To Know :

5 Things to Focus for First Time Jet Ski Riders 1) Keep it Straight! First-time jet skiers often have difficulty keeping the jet ski straight. We have a solution to correct. Don?t stare at the handlebars or the water just off the bow (front) of the ski. Instead, lift your head up and look off in the distance. Looking off in a distance will allow you to drive straight and get the most fun of your trip. If you continue to struggle, simply pick a stationary target on land or water (buoy) and steer directly at and you will be able to ride straight. 2) Keep In Mind, There Is No Way To Turn Away from Danger Without Throttle. The working principle of the jet in jet ski refers to the water jet that shoots out the back and makes the ski go forward. That jet moves side to side to steer the machine because there is no rudder. When you slow down or stop, your ability to steer is diminished or you lose it completely. If an emergency arises and you need to avoid a collision don?t take your finger off the throttle. Doing that will make it impossible to steer away from danger. Instead, keep your speed up and steer away from the threat. 3) Splash Down?How to Re-Board Your Jet Ski. When Jet Skiers fall off their jet ski, there is a method to getting back on. You always re-board a ski from the stern (back). Simply reach up to the handle behind the seat and pull yourself out of the water onto the back deck of the ski. If you are riding tandem, only one person should board at a time. Keep in mind, attempting to re-board from the side will cause the ski to flip. No need to rush. Take it slow. If you?re out of shape and have several failed attempts to re-board you can get very tired, very quickly. Relax in the water, think about how you?re going to get back on board and then slowly climb back aboard. 4) Be Gentle to yourself! Most of the first time riders complain that their hands get tired or they feel a slight soreness in their shoulders. This occurs because new riders often hold on for dear life. Instead, lean forward slightly and relax your grip. Keep your elbows slightly bent. This will allow you to ride without fatigue. Don?t lean too far forward and always be careful not to hit your chin or nose on the handlebar. 5) An Advice For Passengers! Hold Tightly?Not Too Tight! We?ve talked about riding, but there is a trick to being a good and comfortable passenger as well. Holding the riders waist or the back of their life jacket is a good method for staying on. However, don?t hold on so tight that you make it difficult for your partner to drive the ski. As with driving, relax. Keep your body loose, not stiff. This will lower fatigue and increase your enjoyment. 6) Be Patient To Ride On Stand Up Position Many Jet Skiers want to stand up on the ski. However, for a novice rider, standing will make controlling the ski much more difficult and increases the chance of falling. Riding from the standing position should be considered after you become an intermediate or expert rider.

Dress Code :


Age/Vital Information :

16 years old and above.

Stress relief: Just being out in the water and soaking in the sun with the sound of water splashing next to you is a great stress-reliever in itself. Because it requires you to focus on the water while driving a jet ski, it makes you forget about all other worries. For everyone! Although it comes with regulations, jet skiing can be a sport that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. From children to the elderly, jet skiing is a fun activity for all ages.

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