Water Jet Pack Experience


Enjoy this water sports activity and seize the excitement having system that uses the power of jet ski engine to pump the water and supply enough pressure to lift jetpack and the rider onto the air.
  • 30 minutes flying time as high as 45 feet above water
  • Helmet and life jacket are included
  • Briefing about your gear with techniques and movement by a qualified instructor
  • Free picture of the experience
Need To Know :

Currently closed until further notice. 2 to 3 days prior booking is required. Rescheduling should be done 72 hours prior to the booking date. Not coming on time and missing the booked time means no show. Not available from May 1st to June 2nd, 2019. Operations will resume on June 03, 2019. Call our customer hotline for more details.

Dress Code :


Age/Vital Information :

15 and above. Participants younger than 18 years must have a parent or legal guardian present and must have waiver signed by parent or legal guardian. Minimum 100 lbs and maximum 300 lbs maximum weight.

The JETPACK is a backpack unit in which you are strapped in by a 5 point safety harness. Water is propelled from the powered unit, into a 20meter hose, which is forced into 2 jet nozzles on the JETPACK, which in turn lifts you above the water. Keeping your legs from swaying side to side is the number one key to stability and comfort and 2 hand controls are what you use the steer left and right as well as up and down. And because you are strapped in by the harness, you can even let go and use your body weight to control the JETPACK.

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