Full Face Mask Scuba Try Dive


Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the nuances of this exciting sport or a professional looking for a thrilling time in the sea, this tour has you covered. Take to the waters with a full face mask that not only ensures greater underwater visibility but also helps you breathe in a normal, relaxed way.
  • No diving experience required
  • Scuba Diving with Full Face Mask
  • Underwater pictures included
  • Total experience lasts 2 hours including instruction and preparation
Need To Know :

Currently closed until further notice. Advanced booking is recommended. You should not participate if you have any pre-existing medical conditions that may be adversely be affected unless physician's letter is provided. The activity may be cancelled due to weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances that may arise without fair notice. You are not allowed to travel by plane after the scuba diving, you have to wait for at least 18 hours before taking a flight. Call our customer hotline for more details.

Dress Code :

Swim wear.

Age/Vital Information :

Minimum age required is 15 years old.

Visibility - a FFM has a greater visual field than a traditional mask. Security - a FFM sturdy multi-strap system means it cannot be knocked askew while diving. Comfort - no more jaw fatigue from holding a regulator in your mouth. Protection - a FFM covers the whole face protecting it from the elements. Relaxation - a FFM allows you to breath in a normal relaxed fashion.

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