Sharjah Desert Safari Tour

Many vacationers reach their destinations on the Persian Gulf and then start looking for a dinner boat cruise. This jet-set locale is a tourist Mecca, where cruises fill quickly and reservations are a must. An online adventure service that really knows the area and its attractions can help with advance booking and a huge array of fun things to do. Travelers can choose from desert safari tours or dozens of different boat tours to make an anniversary, wedding or ordinary vacation special.

Dinner Boat Cruises Near Sharjah

Visitors to Sharjah or Dubai have a wealth of leisure activities from which to choose. An adventure service clues them in on ideas they might otherwise never have heard of, including:

  • Hot-air balloon rides over the desert, complete with champagne toast
  • Dinner on a traditional Arabian dhow, an impressive wooden sailing ship
  • Boat tours to the Burj al Arab, a fabulous seven-star hotel on its own island
  • Scuba diving lessons in the Arabian Sea, ending with a first ocean dive
  • City architecture cruises up Dubai Creek, where palms meet the skyscrapers

To arrange a safari or dinner boat cruise for singles, couples, families or large groups, travelers should check an adventure service website. They can browse dinner selections, find yacht or helicopter charters and choose the activities that most excite them. They simply purchase the correct number of vouchers and fill in the dates when their travel plans are complete. Dream Days specializes in enhancing anniversary, wedding or charter parties with exciting adventures in the UAE.