Fujairah Scuba Diving Vacations

It takes just five days to get certified on exotic scuba diving vacations in the United Arab Emirates. The East Coast is where the deep waters lie, and an adventure service can arrange a trek from Dubai and participation in an open-water PADI training course. Safety and technical knowledge are stressed, and the fun and excitement mount as students make their first ocean forays. Vacationers who gain their PADI cards can enjoy scuba anyplace in the world where the puddles are deep enough.

Scuba Diving Vacations Make Extra-Special Gifts

Professional Association of Diving Instructors is a worldwide teaching network that offers international certification to perform unsupervised dives with underwater breathing apparatus. Training consists of technical classroom study, first aid, basic water skills, equipment intro and pool and open-water practice. All of this takes place at picturesque Fujairah, on the Arabian Sea. The accelerated course still leaves time for dinners out or river boat cruises with new friends.

Anyone who has always wanted to satisfy his curiosity about life under the sea will appreciate the gift of this adventure that can lead to a lifelong skill. Vacation vouchers are available online, which may be redeemed at travel time within a period of 12 months. For graduation, weddings or other special occasions, a scuba voucher makes an unforgettable gift.

While in Fujairah, vacationing students should visit the nearby city of Dubai. The adventure service can also book hot-air balloon rides over the desert or dinner on a traditional Arabian river boat for added fun. Dream Days is a service that specializes in attractions in the UAE, from scuba diving to luxury yacht cruises for any occasion.